ASP 2000 Tribute to Paris Theodore

The perfect 9mm concealable combat pistol

The principles behind the ASP 2000 handgun are not at all new. It doesn't have a polymer frame, it doesn't carry 17+ rounds, it isn't a "tac" gun offering dedicated suppressors, mounting rails for lasers and flashlights, or conversion to automatic fire, etc. But it brings together a unique collection of assets that make it the premiere covert carry, combat pistol in the world. The ASP is a narrow focus handgun for a person who knowingly goes in harm's way, and the ASP 2000 is an update on that theme.

Although the original ASP pistol was developed in the late 1960's, it is still a revolutionary gun today. It is an exclusive, fully dedicated, single purpose combat handgun with a fascinating origin and history. In fact it was so unique and successful in it's designated role, that John Gardner dropped the iconic Walther PPK and armed James Bond with the ASP in his 007 novels during the 80's and 90's.

A man named Paris Theodore ran a highly respected custom gunleather business called Seventrees, Ltd. on West 39th St. in New York City. One day the U.S. government approached him to design and custom manufacture a pistol for use by covert operatives worldwide. He was given a set of criteria no one else had yet managed to meet; concealability, eight round capacity, function with all known brands and types of bullet in a given caliber, instant target acquisition, and although the gun had to fire a major caliber round, the design had to somehow reduce felt recoil to the equivalent of firing a tiny .22 caliber round. He took bold aggressive steps, many of which flew in the face or orthodoxy. Some of his ideas have become the new orthodoxy. Others have yet to find general acceptance. But they all came together in this one handgun; the ASP.

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