Miami Vice 2006


We have been informed that the ASP 2000 has been recognised in deleted scenes and stills taken during the training sessions and making of the 2006 Miami Vice movie. This however cannot be confirmed by us. The main pistol used by Sonny Crockett (played by Colin Farrell) was the SVI Tiki, which ironically has many ASP-like qualities (see images below left and centre). The ASP 2000 he was supposed to be carrying in an ankle holster was never shown. Considering the intense pistol training that Colin Farrell underwent prior to filming and the careful choice of his exotic sidearms, there was zero action sequences involving his handguns and even the Tiki only received a few disjointed seconds of screentime. Given that Michael Mann has shot some of the most realistic gun handling in his films and especially the Miami Vice TV series, this was most disappointing. He also has a penchant for using Smith and Wesson pistols and revolvers in his productions and there were a few examples of the ASP 2000 in the US at this time, so it is entirely plausable.

As an update (Oct 2010), Jason Crowne was given a custom Fobus holster that had clearly been modified for the ASP 2000 and which came from someone who was involved in the production. Hopefully further stills will come to light and it can be confirmed. Fobus holsters were certainly used during the production of the film. I'll update this page with some pictures when they are available. If the author of the IMFDB section reads this and still has the now deleted images that they originally posted there, we would be grateful if you could email them to us for inclusion here.

The original ASP is now in the new Black Ops game (image above right) which has triggered a huge interest in the design yet again. An airsoft version has been manufactured and we should see it for sale very soon. Although, the butt is far too long and out of proportion to the original pistol, it should be interesting. A few videos have been uploaded to YouTube showing it briefly in action. You can find this by searching ASP PISTOL.


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