what is the asp? behind the design - 3

Paris Theodore covered the frame and slide, inside and out, with low-reflection, black Teflon-S. It's very expensive stuff, but it's more corrosion resistant that Stainless Steel, wears better than gun-blueing, makes the gun self-lubricating, cleans easily and skin simply will not stick to it even in the coldest weather. Although this is a highly effective medium, it was not thought necessary on the ASP 2000 due to the innovations in the maufacturing processes of stainless steel now, and because of the Teflon-S finishes propensity to rub off quicker than most other finishes and exposing the metal beneath.

The original ASP was hand made to very high standards in extremely small numbers exclusively for men who live the dangerous side, and it went by the slogan "Unseen in the best places"! It was discontinued from manufacture in the late 1980's, due in the main to the influx of cut-down S&W 39's flooding the market, and eventually Smith and Wessons own version of the ASP, the venerable and much under-rated 3913.
It was upon this design, after numerous makes and models were tested then neglected, that we finally decided would be the perfect 'base' gun to modify for the ASP 2000 project. Using Paris Theodores original blue prints, we stuck close to the original concepts that he patented. It was truly a remarkable innovative combat firearm in the past, and improving on this design was very difficult and very near impossible. This project was more of an update than anything else.

Ken Null designed all of the holsters for this weapon, he still makes these designs, and they are superb, he also obtained the rights to the slogan and he uses it to this day. The UNS model is the best of these holsters, and offers the shooter with an ASP, the best and fastest combination.

It has been 20 years since the 9mm ASP pistol ceased production, Yet still it's design is at the forefront of peoples imagination, even over the Atlantic far away from the old New York office, Paris Theodore is remembered and will continue to be.

J. Deval
July 2004 Thanks to James McMahon for the majority of the text

ASP 2000 R

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